We offer a complete solution to selling your home – on your terms and your timetable.  From all-cash, quick close offers to complete concierge listings, we are solutions providers, not salespeople.

Land Development

We primarily search for residential land to develop – this means we have more opportunities for improving a property than the typical real estate investor. As a result, we can offer sellers more, often above market value. This sets us apart from many real estate “professionals” today – from the investors that only bring low-ball offers to the Realtors that are trained to cajole and arm-bend until you agree to a full listing on their terms.

Distressed Situations

Let’s face it – sometimes you just need out from under a property quickly. It could be a pending foreclosure, a rental property trashed by tenants, an out of state inherited property going through probate, or even a dream home that you have to liquidate for divorce. Whatever the situation, if you need professionals that can handle the whole process, close quickly, and keep most of the proceeds in your hands, then give us a call.

Services we offer sellers include:

  • All cash offers for immediate sale (as little as 10 days).  Zero commission.
  • As-is, no repairs, no hassle listing. Zero (commission paid by buyer) or low commission.
  • Seller financing options – often for over market value. Low commission.
  • Full-service concierge listing – we handle everything from contract to close and get you market value or above. Negotiable commission.

New(er) Homes

As land developers and new home builders in the Bay Area, we have a strong understanding of what buyers are looking for in new and newer homes and how to market and reach these buyers. We also represent buyers looking for new and newer homes and always have a pool of potential buyers ready and willing to make offers.

Similar to the flexibility we offer distressed sellers, our boutique brokerage is able to offer sellers of newer construction unique services including:

  • Negotiable commission, including a flat rate listing fee.
  • A fair One Commission policy – if we bring the buyer, you pay one commission instead of two.
  • Individual, professional attention – we have no franchise minion in our brokerage.


Please see our Agency page for information about our broker license.

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