Capital Gains


House Rich but Cash Poor?


Thinking about Selling Your Home?


Property sellers in California can lose 30–50% of their profit to the Capital Gains Tax!

Did you know there are advanced tax-planning solutions available to every taxpayer?  Within the thousands and thousands of pages of the tax code there are provisions that enable sellers of highly appreciated assets to reduce, defer and in some cases eliminate capital gains tax entirely.

My CPA partners specializes in keeping expenses and tax liabilities to an absolute minimum. Consultations are no obligation and FREE of charge. Unfortunately, we can’t share all the details online – the nature of the tax solutions require a one-on-one consultation.

These solutions are above and beyond the standard $250,000 (for single households) and $500,000 (for married households) exemptions allowed for capital gains.

To learn how you can keep your hard-earned equity in your pocket please fill out our form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

  • Avoid the tax bill without 1031 exchanges, giving your asset away to charity, or risky payment streams
  • Our tax-planning strategies work on primary homes, commercial real estate, and as a 1031 exchange backup
  • Maintain 100% control of how your money is invested with complete asset class flexibility
  • Have a professional practice or other business you’d like to sell? We can help with those too
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